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A-LIST singer man ay may hinahangaan ding kapwa nila singer.

Isa na dito ang Broadway singer-actress Lea Salonga na super fan ng Korean Army boy band na BTS.

Sa virtual press conference ng Kumu’s “Sing For The Stars” kung saan isa siya sa judges, natanong kung napanood na raw ba niya ang concert ng BTS kamakailan.

“As far as a message for them. I just want to say job well done. You’ve made us so very happy and helped so many of us with our mental health and help so many of us find joy or refined joy in our lives,” say Broadway singer.

“I saw their concert, it was very early this morning when their ‘Permission to Dance’ in Seoul took place. I was with a bunch of my friends and we were all watching, exchanging messages and we’re all such fan girls and we feel like teenagers watching them. It’s like I was just floored,” dagdag pa ni Lea.

Inamin din ni Lea na ang pinaka-favorite among the BTS members ay si V.

“I have a favorite and I think a lot of people know who it is, it’s V. He is one of these people that has a really unique tone to his voice. And it’s like the minute he opens his mouth to sing, I just know exactly who it is. So my head just told me turns in that direction and the concert itself was so fantastic.

“They all have such incredible physical stamina. I got exhausted watching because it was like dancing and nonstop everything, and Jungkook and his intonation is ridiculous. It’s like he swallowed a stack of CDs. That’s how good this one was,” sabi pa ni Lea. “And I was just so happy and I found them during the pandemic, and they’ve just brought so much joy to the world and, you know, as an Asian artist, as an artist from that part of the world, it makes me feel extremely proud that they have achieved such a high level of success.”

Kung si Lea ay hinihingal kapag pinapanood ang performance ng BTS dahil sa sobrang energy ng boy band, what more pa kaya si Arci Munoz na laging pinapanood as a personal audience ng grupo na nasa VIP area pa, huh!!!


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