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AN independent poll shows Mayor Isko Moreno’s numbers on a continued upward trajectory as the most preferred Presidential candidate in the coming polls.

The consistent improvement in his numbers comes while those of his opponents’ are on a steady downward trend, at least according to an independent survey conducted by “Tangere,” a big data research firm.

Tangere is an award-winning technology & innovation-driven market research & opinion poll company that has an active and continuously growing nationwide respondent base of more than 600,000.

Based on the results of Tangere’s survey conducted February 11-12, Moreno’s numbers rose to 23.5 percent, from 22.17 percent last February 5.

The January 18 run of the survey showed the numbers of the Aksyon Demokratiko presidential candidate at 16.75 percent as compared to 16.29 percent last January 3.

In contrast, the Tangere surveys show a steady and consistent decline in the numbers of his main rivals, as opposed to the increase in the Voter Preference of Mayor Isko, from 16 % last January 5 to 23% on February 11.

This development may be attributed Moreno’s presentation of a clear platform and the record to back it up.

His messaging is clear cut and there are numerous proof of achievements in the City of Manila to back it up. Besides, these accomplishments can be replicated all over the country.

Besides having clear and specific economic policies to address various issues plaguing the country, one of the most important facets of Moreno is that he is not afraid to face his rivals nor the media to discuss his platform.

He also speaks from the heart and does not mince words, making sure he is truthful to the electorate whose votes he is courting.

Once elected president, Moreno vowed to address the perennial problems of poverty, hunger, unemployment, inequality and social injustice in the country by focusing on providing the minimum basic needs of the people – housing, education, health care and jobs – through the efficient and prudent management of government resources. These form the main pillars of his 10-Point Bilis Kilos Economic Agenda.


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