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MAYOR Isko Moreno had stated recently that whatever still needs to be done in Manila, despite the countless projects he had accomplished that all redound to the benefit of Manilans, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna can definitely and will certainly continue them all, specially the financial assistance already being given to the senior citizens, solo parents, persons with disabilities and university students.

Indeed, being an insider in Manila City Hall, I have witnessed how the Moreno-Lacuna partnership worked for the benefit of the city and its residents.

Not only were the city government’s projects thoroughly thought of, they were also implemented very efficiently and fast.

As a former Manila Councilor myself, let me tell you that there are some projects that need the imprimatur of the Manila City Council, particularly when it comes to programs that need funding.
Under the stewardship of VM Honey as the Presiding Officer, the Manila City Council was able to effectively support all the projects of Mayor Isko so that they were started and finished quick.
The job of VM Honey is not easy. She steers the Manila City Council which has 38 members and is able to call them to session even during weekends and holidays when needed.
Mayor Isko, who is now running for President under the Aksyon Demokratiko party, is very thankful to Manila residents for having been given the opportunity to serve as their mayor and for giving him Honey Lacuna as his Vice Mayor.

“I hope di ko kayo napahiya. I hope I didn’t fail your expectations at kung me kulang pa ko, habang me panahon ay di ko sasayangin. Pero naniniwala ako na kayang-kaya ‘yan ipagpatuloy ni Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna.” These were the exact words of Mayor Isko, as he cited Vice Mayor Honey’s active participation in all of the city’s projects.

Indeed, I know for a fact that Vice Mayor Honey knows everything, inside out and will ensure continuity of the programs already in place, most especially the social amelioration program that provides monthly cash aid to sectors that need them the most specially in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

After fulfilling his dreams for Manilans and knowing for sure that Vice Mayor Honey will certainly continue giving the kind of services that the residents already enjoy and deserve, Mayor Isko now has dreams of giving the same benefits to all Filipinos.

It cannot be denied that Vice Mayor Honey played a big role in the sucess of Mayor Isko’s administration because she was given the opportunity to take active participation in governance.

Vice Mayor Honey made real good use of that chance so that she is now more than ready to take over the position of Manila Mayor, which Mayor Isko will vacate when he becomes the President of the country in the coming elections.


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