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This early, rumors have been swirling that Senator Imee Marcos is already mobilizing to run for mayor of Manila.

In my own humble opinion, I would like to think that the rumors are just that. Rumors.

Why? The election of President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. to the highest post of the land is a stunning victory which, for me, must be taken and used by the Marcos family as a chance to prove to all Filipinos that they do not deserve all the brickbats that have been and continue to be thrown at them.

President Marcos, Jr., from the time that he ran for President up to the time that he had been proclaimed winner and sworn into office and assumed the Presidency, had been espousing unity.

He had also promised to be a healing President in a country that has been divided for decades due to the Marcos-Aquino rift.

I am certain that the Marcoses are aware of how they have been pictured by their political detractors over the years.

All these years, the Marcoses have been defending their patriarch, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. as well as their own selves from various kinds of accusations.

Now that President Bongbong has become the leader of the country, he has all the chance and means to prove their accusers wrong and redeem themselves from how they have been painted, as they claim, rather unjustly.

The President cannot do that alone. He needs the help of all his supporters and most especially, his own family members.

Senator Imee, being his elder sister, must take the lead in guiding President Marcos, Jr. and showing him the way to do it, being in politics the longest and being a woman of intellect.

I would like to believe that it is only her drumbeaters who are floating the rumors that Senator Imee is already gunning for the mayoral post in Manila, while still serving her fresh mandate in the Senate and with her brother only months in office.

What is more proper to do is help Senator Imee come up with ideas to make her brother’s Presidency succeed in all aspects and make the Filipinos know and feel that their votes did not go to waste and for those who did not vote for Marcos to realize that they were wrong in choosing another candidate.

It is also a known fact that Senator Imee hails from Ilocos and making it appear that she is preparing to run for Manila leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

It pictures the Marcoses as sort of wanting to ‘expand’ their hold by fielding their own family members to control over the reins in areas they do not even have knowledge about.

I believe that those floating the rumors do not care about how they are ruining the Marcoses, for as long as their personal ill motives and interests are served.

I would like to think that Senator Imee is a woman who, for purposes of delicadeza, will not cave in to the proddings of unscrupulous politicians in Manila who want to use her to gain the power they have long been salivating over.

Senator Imee is in the best position to help her brother come up with programs that would benefit majority of Filipinos and thus make their parents proud as well as earn the respect and love of his countrymen.

Veering away from this goal and preoccupying herself with the dictates of ill-willed politicians in Manila will do more harm than good for President Marcos’ administration. You just cannot serve two masters at the same time.


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