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THE Social Security System (SSS) is highly-commendable for seriously looking into the complaints of former and current employees of a publication company regarding their unremitted SSS contributions for many, many years already.

SSS Commissioner Ric Moldez, I learned, is studying the complaints and is convinced that a violation of the law had been seriously committed, to the detriment of the employees.

The same set of former and current employees of the newspaper company earlier went to the office of our free legal assistance team in Manila City Hall to seek help, because they do not have any money to pay for legal fees.

The employees said their company have been deducting from their salaries a certain amount for their SSS contribution.

However, when they tried to secure loans from the SSS, they were told that they are not qualified because their company has not been paying their monthly contributions for years now.

They were also informed that on their own, they cannot update their contributions because it has to be the company doing that for them.

The employees do not know what to do, saying when they asked those in charge to give them the deducted amounts and they will pay to the SSS directly, they were merely ignored. When they asked where the deductions from their salaries went, they were ignored again.

The poor employees said they wanted to get loans because they were economically affected by the pandemic and they could not get any help from their office. In fact, they said they did not get any help from their office from the beginning of the pandemic.

They said their salaries have been delayed for more than a half a year, they have not been paid their 13th month pay for five years now and even if they choose to retire, they will get nothing as many retirees have already died without getting a single centavo as retirement pay.

The employees did not complain out of respect for the former boss but now that he is no longer around and the one assuming the vacated position makes matters worse by disrespecting employees and turning the company into his/her own money-making machine, they feel there is no more reason to hold back on their grievances.

Under Section 28(e) of the Penal Clause of Republic Act 8282 or the Social Security Act of 1997, failure or refusal of an employer to register their employees, or to deduct contributions from the employee’s compensation and remit the same to the SSS, corresponds to a penalty of fine from P5,000 to P20,000 and imprisonment from six years to twelve years.


Non-remittance of SSS contributions is a criminal act. Plain and simple.
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