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MANILA International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal’s recent appeal for passengers to be responsible travelers comes with an appaling basis.

Based on staggering records, Monreal said that from January 1-15, 2022 alone, a total of 68 passengers were intercepted at the departure areas of the NAIA terminals.

The airport guards assigned there checked on their travel documents at the terminal entrances, only to find out that the RT-PCR results they are carrying with them show that they are positive for COVID-19.

Funny thing is that most of them reportedly claimed that they no longer checked their results before heading for NAIA, saying they are hurrying to catch their flight.

In 2021, GM Monreal said that 576 passengers were intercepted by airport and airline authorities and prevented from boarding their flights also after having been found to be carrying positive RT-PCR results.

GM Monreal described the numbers as “really appalling”. The multiple interceptions made by airport guards involved departing passengers bound for both local and international destinations.

“ This behavior of some airline passengers is truly disturbing especially now that cases of infection is growing by the day. Hindi pwede ang palusot dito. The airlines are duty bound to follow the regulations of the country of destination. There is no chance that a passenger can skip being checked of this very important requirement – no way at all,” the airport chief further stressed.

GM Monreal is urgently calling on all airline passengers to wait for the release of their RT-PCR resultsand check it thoroughly before going to NAIA to catch their flights.

On the No Vaccination No Ride policy, the MIAA reminds domestic passengers to be ready with their vaccination card and valid government issued ID with photo as these documents will be required from them upon check-in.

GM Monreal is also advising passengers who may have clarifications regarding the implementation of certain policies to contact their airlines as the latter had been directed by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) to carry out the order. The call to board or not board rests with them.

His message is simple – for passengers to wait for their RT-PCR result and not to go to NAIA if they test positive of COVID.

Most of all, he is calling on air travelers to be fully mindful both of their safety and that of others who will be taking the same flight with them.

It’s a shame and a shock how some people can really be selfish in these uncertain times.



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