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AKSYON Demokratiko Senatorial bets Samira Gutoc, Atty. Jopet Sison and Carl Balita are right in saying that the distribution of financial assistance during calamity should not be considered as vote-buying.

Speaking at the sidelines of their provincial sortie in Samar, Gutoc defended their Presidential bet Isko Moreno’s pledge of assistance to the 790 families who were rendered homeless during a recent fire in Cavite City, saying: “Bakit nyo ikwe-kwestiyon ang donasyon sa Cavite? Bakit nyo ikwe-kwestiyon ang donasyon sa sakuna? Eh kailangan na kailangan eh. Marawi nga hindi kayo makarating, nakakarating siya sa Cavite, darating siya sa Marawi, si Isko.”

“So, calamity is an exception to the so-called vote-buying. Kailangan na kailangan (it is desperately needed),” she said.

Balita, on the other hand, said: “Dahil hindi na siguro mahalaga kung sino ang naghatid dun. Ang mahalaga may taong dumating na on the spot, kinabukasan pwede silang bumili ng pang build nila ng bahay nila kahit papaano, I was there.”

Sison, a lawyer, also said that there is nothing wrong with helping. In fact, he said, what Moreno is doing speaks a lot as to what he can do for the country once he becomes President.

Moreno brushed aside the issue and said his only goal is to help, saying: “Mahirap masunugan and under exception, may mga exemptions sa batas sa tulad ng oras ng kalamidad, aberya. Wala naman masamang tumulong.”

The good mayor will be extending financial assistance that would be taken from his own personal fund and donations.

Unknown to many, Moreno had been donating his hard-earned talent fees to worthy causes. A good portion of these went to the children’s cancer ward at the Philippine General Hospital while some went to personal donations which were never publicized.

Regarding the issue at hand, Moreno is helping fire victims from four barangays in Cavite whose homes were gutted by fire in the middle of the pandemic.

At least, he is spending his money on those who need help the most and not on buying fake social media accounts or loot bags that are being given to fake supporters in exchange for attending rallies and motorcades.

Moreno also put his money to good use instead of spending it on expensive endorsers in exchange for lying to the public about their principal’s credentials.

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