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MANY of those who have read my pilot column last week are asking as to why I chose ‘Vantage Point’ for its name.

To save on precious time explaining, I will just do it here. As a city official serving as the mayor’s alter ego, I and all my fellow officials are in a better, more authoritative position to see the goings-on in Manila City Hall and the city in its entirety, upclose and yet with a broader understanding of the circumstances surrounding every nitty gritty of governance.

This is precisely the reason why we, and even the good Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, always choose to shrug off brickbats being hurled by people whose only interest is to promote false information and their candidacies.

We are not going to cave in to this trap. Anyone who wants to question is free to do so in the proper forum. Hiding behind fake social media accounts or engaging in negative campaigning just won’t work, because we in the city government, specially Mayor Isko and Vice Mayor Honey, are in agreement that we could not allow the progress achieved by the city to get derailed by baseless and virtually ludicrous criticisms.

Obviously, these wanna-bes have nothing between their ears and do not have even a teeny weeny bit of idea on existing policies, as they choose to turn a blind eye on all the positive developments that have been taking place in Manila since the Moreno-Lacuna tandem took over the local government unit.

The residents of Manila are not stupid to believe all the lies that the political rivals of the current city officials are trying to feed them.

No one was left behind in Manila in all of the programs that were put in place by the city government specially in the wake of the pandemic.

In terms of the vaccination efforts and provision of food relief packs, free swab tests and free medicines for COVID-19 for instance, everyone was able to benefit, even including non-Manilans.

Monthly allowances for senior citizens, the physically-challenged, solo parents and students who were also given free tablets and internet load along with teachers went on without fail and will definitely be continued under a Lacuna stewardship, with the support of course of incoming Vice Mayor Yul Servo.

In my next column, I will discuss some of the issues that are being capitalized on by rumor-mongers and give you, our dear readers, a better understanding of the said issues. Do not waste your time listening to any “Maritess.”

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