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Senate panel suspends biz woman’s arrest order

THE SENATE Blue Ribbon Committee chaired by Senator Richard J. Gordon on Monday announced the committee will suspend for 10 days the arrest order against Rose Nono Lin, a businesswoman being linked to the Pharmally controversy.

Gordon said for humanitarian reasons, the panel allowed a 10-day abeyance of the arrest order against Lin, following her request to be confined at a hospital for a “surgical procedure.”

“If Rose Nono Lin is indeed ill and needs to have surgery in a hospital, we are not heartless people to not allow such a required procedure to be performed on her,” said Gordon.

Gordon stressed that the investigation the medical supplies issue will go on as necessary.

“Rose Nono Lin’s husband remains outside of the country despite her being supposedly ill with COVID-19 and other maladies. This goes to show that he would rather be absent and far from his wife even during these times. It tells us that his evasion of Senate summons is more important than providing succor to his spouse.

“It must also be emphasized that Rose Nono Lin is not exempt from appearing in the continuing investigation nor will her supposed illness exempt her from justice,” Gordon said.

In a Pasay City Regional Trial Court hearing last Friday, Rose Nono Lin’s counsel asked for the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order and Injunction seeking to prohibit the Senate from enforcing an arrest order issued against her for contempt due to her failure to attend two hearings despite the subpoena issued by the committee.

Rose Nono Lin’s camp also requested not to issue an arrest order against her while the counsels undertake further study of the cases.


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