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Antonio Bautista Air Base, Puerto Princesa City — For the first time, the Philippine Army’s aviation team on board a BOLKOW helicopter and a Cessna 172 aircraft arrived in Puerto Princesa City today, 07 November 2022 and will join Team Western Command in the execution of joint operations simulation for the Armed Forces of the Philippines Joint Exercise (AJEX) DAGITPA 2022.

DAGITPA stands for Dagat, Langit at Lupa which entails the participation of the three major services of the AFP — the Navy, Air Force and Army as employed in joint operations.

The Army’s newly acquired Bolkow helicopter will have its maiden flight in Western Command’s joint area of operation, the 1st time that it has deployed an aircraft to the AFP’s unilateral exercise, joining the Air Force and Navy’s aviation fleet that are also participating in the AJEX DAGITPA 2022.

“Aside from meeting the exercise’s objectives, WESCOM welcomes the presence of these aircraft from the Philippine Army in our Area of Responsibility. This is a good opportunity to assess the feasibility of the Army aviation’s deployment to Palawan in the future,” said Vice Admiral Alberto B Carlos PN, the Commander of WESCOM.

“The AJEX will also test and validate, and eventually enhance the interoperability of our joint forces and capabilities for various missions,” Vice Admiral Carlos added.

This year’s AJEX DAGIT PA is the 6th iteration of the AFP joint exercise, unilaterally conducted by the AFP. Most of the events will be conducted in Western Command (WESCOM) Joint Operations Area (JOA) from 07 to 18 November 2022.

There will be four (4) major events that will highlight the exercise, namely: Table Top Exercise (TTX), Staff Exercise (STAFFEX), Cyber Defense Exercise (CYDEX), and Field Training Exercises (FTX) in various locations in Palawan. (VICTOR BALDEMOR RUIZ)


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