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Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), LTGEN STEPHEN P. PARREÑO PAF, and LTGEN FERNYL G. BUCA, PAF, Commander of Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) during their courtesy call to Batanes Governor Marilou H. Cayco.


By: Victor Baldemor Ruiz

The Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), Lt. Gen Stephen P. Parreño PAF, alongside key PAF officers visited Naval Detachment Mavulis in Batanes Province to assess and address the security needs of the northernmost regions of the Philippines.

They were accompanied by Lt.Gen Fernyl G Buca, PAF, Commander of Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM).

The inspection aimed to update Lt. Gen Parreño on the current security situation and identify gaps in Maritime Domain Awareness.

The leaders focused on the need to install air and surface radars on the islands, crucial for enhancing surveillance and ensuring the security of the country’s maritime territories.

During the visit, Lt.Gen Parreño and Lt. Gen Buca highlighted the urgent need to repair and construct vital facilities, including helipads, at Naval Detachment Mavulis. These upgrades are essential to ensuring that defense outposts are fully equipped to protect the Batanes Island Group and other critical maritime zones.

The commanders also made a courtesy call to Batanes Governor Marilou H. Cayco, reinforcing the military’s commitment to collaborating with local government units to strengthen regional security and development.

In recognition of his support for the defense and security of the northern maritime areas, LTGen. Buca awarded the Northern Maritime Medal to LTGen. Parreño .

This honor acknowledges Parreño’s significant contributions to enhancing the operational readiness and capability of the maritime defense forces.

NOLCOM together with the PAF will relentlessly pursue every measure to fortify our northern defenses, ensuring the safety and sovereignty of our territorial waters.

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