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Air Asia warns against bogus job offers

AirAsia Philippines is warning the public on various fraudulent job offerings through text messages and bogus email addresses from people who identify themselves as AirAsia Philippines employees.

Reports of illegal activities through different social media platforms came to AirAsia Philippines’ attention following the announcement of various job openings for the airasia Super App. Most of the victims were from the provinces in Visayas and Mindanao who have very limited opportunities in verifying the legitimacy of such offers.

AirAsia Philippines spokesman Steve Dailisan said, “We would like to inform the public that legitimate AirAsia job openings are made available through the airline’s website and its other verified recruitment portals. Interviews and processing of requirements are also facilitated either online or at the AirAsia RedPoint Headquarters in Manila at no cost to any potential candidate. It is never our policy to seek money in exchange for employment opportunities. We do not tolerate fraudulent acts and we trust that government authorities will look into the welfare of the victims.”

AirAsia Philippines is advising the public to refrain from entertaining suspicious job offer invitations and transact only with legitimate AirAsia recruitment teams.

The following alwaysREDy tips may help you identify a legitimate job offer from a fraudulent one:

-Be cautious of generic emails. Scammers try to cast a wide net by including little or no specific information. Always be wary of emails which seem overly generic

-Incorrect domain names or email addresses. Check for misspellings of AirAsia or non-airasia email addresses (i.e., Our approved emails will come from

-Offer of employment without physical interviews. Our recruitment team will often ask for in-person interviews however due to current pandemic situation , we have been doing virtual interviews over video and we generally use either zoom or gmeets for this purpose

-Request for financial information or payments. Our recruitment team will never ask prospective employees for payment to apply for a position or as a condition of employment

-The “perfect” job. A job posting which states extremely high compensation for a position that requires “no skills or experience,” seems too good to be true, and is likely to be fraudulent. (Baby Cuevas)


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