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Photo shows Cellero with the money inside the socks she turned over to the lost and found section.

MIAA GM Ines Lauds Building Attendant for Returning US$18K She Found at NAIA 3

By: Jerry S. Tan

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) proudly recognizes another honest building attendant who turned over US$18,000 in cash to MIAA authorities.

Rosalinda Cellero, 41, of Dear John Services Incorporated, while on tour of duty early today, noticed a pair of white socks under one of the benches at the Terminal 3 south final security checkpoint.

Without hesitation, Cellero immediately turned over the items to the Lost and Found Section for proper disposition.

A joint inventory of the contents of the socks revealed several bills in foreign currency. The MIAA has completed a review of the CCTV footage to establish the circumstances behind the incident and at the same time obtain the identity of the owner.

As of this writing, the MIAA is still waiting for a claimant to come forward. The turnover can only happen when the claimant is able to prove rightful ownership of the items. Meanwhile, the amount will be kept by MIAA in a designated area intended for items of this kind.

“We are delighted to have individuals like Rosalinda who exemplify strength of character and righteousness in the face of tempting situations. Her action is a testament to the values we uphold in NAIA. Truly, there are angels in our midst,” said MIAA General Manager Eric Ines.

Cellero will be awarded in MIAA’s July flag raising ceremony where she will be given a certificate of commendation for what she has done.

For the months of May and June, the MIAA has conveyed a total of 21 commendation certificates to airport workers who stay committed to the highest standards of integrity and honesty.


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