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MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno (right), Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, Congressman Yul Servo and business permit chief Levi Facundo (2nd fr. left) discuss the "MayniLove" project in Mehan Garden.


ONCE again, the Manila city government will be launching its Valentine’s Day event called, “MayniLove,” which will offer a venue for celebrating the special ‘love day’ without having to spend anything.

The “MayniLove” will be jointly launched by Mayor Isko Moreno, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, Congressman Yul Servo and bureau of permits and licensing office chief Levi Facundo at the Mehan Garden near the Manila City Hall, as it opens on Monday, February 7, 2022.

Facundo said the project is still under the city government’s program, ‘Manila Support Local’ and is aimed at giving the residents a dating site that is free of charge. It will be open daily to the public from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. and up to February 15, 2022.

Moreno, he said, had envisioned the idea with the people of Manila in mind to have a safe, open-air, beautiful place where they can spend their time with their loved ones without spending so much money.

Alongside this, Facundo said, is the mayor’s commitment to continue helping businesses specially during this time of hardship brought about by the pandemic, through the BPLO.

Moreno had ordered that entry into the said venue is free of charge and there, couples may listen to live music, take pictures and even enjoy a wide array of food and gift items.

The mayor urged the residents and even non-residents, to pay the said site a visit and support the small entrepreneurs who will be there to try and earn a living, saying at least 30 stall owners have signified their intention to participate. These stalls will be selling Valentine-themed food and non-food items.

Citing a report from Facundo, Moreno said there will be a fine dining restaurant for those who will do “date night dinner” with nightly music that will serenade the diners and some games for couples as well.

“There will be florists, chocolates and candies, stuff toys, balloon arrangements, perfumes, retail clothing for couples, gift ideas for your loved ones, a photo booth to capture the memories of your visit, including a Valentine concert. We will make sure that everyone will have a wonderful experience at MayniLove aside from creating opportunities for business and employment with the LOVE sculpture as our centrepiece,” the mayor added. In the same breadth, Moreno said the city government will continue to embark on projects that would help create and maintain jobs and provide Manilans the opportunity to have business.

Facundo said a strict implementation of health protocols will be implemented so that the flow of people inside the venue will be monitored to maintain a safe limit and to ensure that everyone is following the basic health protocols.

COVID marshalls will also be going around the area to ensure that everybody is wearing face masks and are observing physical distancing.

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