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Manila Mayor Isko Moreno hugs back an elderly who expressed her love for him during a sortie. Moreno is running for President under Aksyon Demokratiko party. (JEREMIE AKIZHA)


PRESIDENTIAL bet and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has called on all Filipinos to spread love, beginning with love for one’s self, family, others and the country, in line with yesterday’s celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Moreno, who is running for President under the Aksyon Demokratiko Party, said that propagating love need not be just on Valentine’s Day and for romantic partners only.

Stressing that love should always prevail Valentine’s Day or not, Moreno said that Filipinos can show their love of country by going out on election day and choosing the best leaders to run the country in the next six years.

Moreno said he is offering himself as the best alternative, pointing out that he is running not based on promises, but based on what he has already accomplished in Manila which he said he would want all Filipinos to experience.

Among these accomplishments are the provision of free services to address COVID-19 like free life-saving medicines, swab tests and hospital care; massive housing programs; provision of free gadgets and internet; food security program for 700,000 families and upgrading of schools and hospitals.

As he expressed his Valentine’s greetings to all Filipinos yesterday, Moreno said:“Let us spread the love…pagmamahal sa pangkalahatan. Pagmamahal sa mahirap, pagmamahal sa middle class, pagmamahal sa mayaman, pagmamahal sa pamilya, pagmamahal sa kapwa, pagmamahal sa siyudad, pagmamahal sa bansa,” Moreno said.

He added: “Sana, ‘yan ang maging tema ng Valentine’s Day at kung sakali naman, iniwan ka ng dyowa mo, ang payo ko sa ‘yo, move on.”

Moreno said the special day is not always about a romantic partner although it is helpful to have someone to serve as an inspiration.

He “I want you to feel good about yourselves. Always it is his or her or loss not yours. You are an important important human being.. an important part of society. Always value yourself, Moreno said.

The mayor added: “All u have to do is look at the mirror and say, “maganda ako.. pinag–aagawan ako may asim ako” and feel good about yourselves. If you have dat kind of mindset, you will be happier.

“True, you need someone to inspire you, maybe a partner, but if that somebody left you, there’s more in front of you. Sabi nga ng anak ko, there are so many fishes in the ocean.. mamingwit ka,” Moreno said. (TSJ)


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