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Good news for durian farmers

By: Victor Baldemor Ruiz

A recent report released by HSBC showed that global demand for durians has soared by 400% year-on-year, largely bolstered by a “craze” for the fruit in China.

The Chinese market accounts for 91% of global durian demand, importing $6 billion worth of durians in the past two years.

The Chinese people’s love for durian is no secret, but this report once again reveals the significant impact of the Chinese market on the global durian industry.

As a unique fruit, durian has attracted much attention around the world, but only the Chinese market can show its true value, according to the China Embassy in Manila statement .

The demand in the Chinese market also provides export opportunities for other countries. Farmers and producers in major durian-producing countries, including the Philippines, can significantly increase their sales by exporting durians to China, according to Ambassador Huang Xilian.

This not only drives the development of the local economy, but also promotes the growth of foreign trade, as the Chinese market has become an important choice for many countries and regions seeking stable sales channels.


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