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Mayor Isko Moreno dances with a crazed fan on top of his float during a campaign sortie while the song "Dying Inside" was played by crowds that went out to cheer him. (TSJ)


THE composer of the song ‘(Dying Inside) To Hold You,’ a ‘90s hit that had become highly-associated with Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, is throwing his full support for the Aksyon Demokratiko standard bearer’s presidential run in the coming May elections.

Daniel Van Passel even composed a campaign jingle for Moreno, using his own voice to the melody of the mayor’s “signature song,” but with a change in lyrics.

“It’s just a tryout vocal but I played to a few people and they liked it,so I kept my tryout vocals which makes it even more personal,” said Van Passel.

Van Passel said his interest was initially drawn by Moreno when a video of him dancing to ‘Dying Inside’ in a hospital event months after assuming mayorship in 2019 went viral on Facebook, garnering over a million in views and 88,000 shares in just a matter of hours.

The songwriter said he is very proud and honored that Moreno happens to be a fan of their music and said he loves the mayor’s signature dance moves, noting how the same tune is played in many of the mayor’s events.

Since then, Van Passel said he had been following Moreno on social media and had learned of his humble beginnings as a dirt-poor boy who rose to become the chief executive of the country’s capital city.

In expressing his support for Moreno, the composer cited how the mayor serves as an inspiration to poor Filipinos that they should never lose hope or allow poverty to get in the way of their dreams for a better life.

Van Passel also said he trusts that Moreno will serve the Filipinos well, knowing how it is to be poor and judging from the way he handled the affairs in Manila.

Too, the songwriter, composer and music publisher cited Moreno for being pious with his slogan, “God, First!” and expressed confidence that the benefits being enjoyed by Manila residents under his administration will be replicated in the entire country in no time, as he had promised.

Van Passel praised Moreno for his concrete actions specially during the pandemic that directly benefitted the poor, both living in and outside of Manila.

The pro-people programs of the city that included mass housing, social amelioration like provision of monthly financial assistance for senior citizens, solo parents, university students and persons with disabilities were also done swiftly or in just a period of two years, he noted.

Van Passel also said Moreno had been doing a good job in presidential debates and interviews which he also follows.

In a short message, Van Passel said: “We support you 100 percent and we encourage all fans and voters to vote for you because yes, we believe you are the only one who can be President of all the people. We made a special version specially for your presidential campaign. Good luck and God bless!” (Baby Cuevas)


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