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By: Victor Baldemor Ruiz

The Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force, LTGEN STEPHEN P PARREÑO PAF, along with heads of Air Forces from 22 countries, joined the Pacific Air Chief Symposium (PACS) 2023, which took place at the Headquarters Pacific Air Forces in Hawaii.

PACS 2023 served as a platform for senior Air Force leaders from the Indo-Pacific, Europe, South America, and North America to engage in strategic discussions and strengthen international partnerships. This year’s symposium marked the largest biannual gathering of Air Chiefs to date, underscored the growing significance of collaboration in addressing regional security challenges.

Furthermore, it focused on fostering interoperability among partner Air Forces and enhancing air domain awareness. The Air Chiefs exchanged insights on lessons learned from recent security challenges, and explored strategies for strengthening humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities.

According to Col Ma Consuelo Castillo , Air Force Spokesperson, the PAF Commanding General also had bilateral and multilateral sessions with military leader counterparts from various countries including the US, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, and France. He was invited as one of the panel members to discuss the complexities of Air Domain Awareness, among others.

Beyond the formal discussions, the event also featured several social engagements, which provided opportunities for the international partners to forge closer ties and build camaraderie, Col Castillo added


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