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THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) reminded foreign nationals registered with the agency that they have only until March 1 to file their 2022 annual report (AR).

In a statement, BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said that as in previous years, this year’s March 1 AR deadline will not be extended as the alien registration act provides that BI-registered aliens should report in person to the bureau within the first 60 days of every calendar year.

Morente said that aliens who fail to the file their AR may be meted sanctions, which include fines or deportation.

Thus, he urged aliens who have not yet filed their AR to immediately secure their slots through the BI’s online appointment system.

Under the rules, all foreign nationals registered under the BI who are holders of immigrant and non-immigrant visas are obliged to comply with the annual reportorial requirement.

AR filers must present their original alien certificate of registration identity card (ACR I-Card) and their valid passport.

Exempted from personally appearing at the bureau are aliens who are 14 years old and below and those who are aged 65 years and above. Also exempted are pregnant women, persons with disabilities and those who are mentally and physically incapacitated.

They may file their annual report through their authorized representative to whom they shall issue an authorization letter or any BI-accredited liaison officer.

Aside from the BI main office in Intramuros, Manila, aliens may also file their AR with the different field, district, satellite and extension offices of the bureau nationwide. (TSJ)


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