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AirAsia highlights often neglected travel essentials for hassle-free customer journey

By: Jerry S. Tan

With an expected influx of travelers this H2 running at over 1 million from today until December 2024, Air Asia Philippine shared tips on what you should and shouldn’t bring on board during your next flight.

AirAsia Philippines Head for Communications & Public Affairs and First Officer Steve Dailisan underscored preparedness and proactiveness: “At AirAsia, we believe that nothing beats adequate preparation. These simple tips are often neglected but an essential part of one’s travels. We certainly want to take part in your memorable travels but there are certain rules that we have to strictly implement in view of safety. When in doubt, it always pays to check the terms and conditions of carriage or access the AskBo feature on the AirAsia MOVE app.”

“Heading off on your next trip this second half of the year? Whether it’s a quick business trip or a long-awaited vacation, knowing what to prepare will ensure your ultimate hassle-free travel experience,” he said.

He also gave the following tips: Other than your passport, boarding pass and visa (for international trips), medical certificates and other health documents are equally important, especially if you are traveling with a loved one who is pregnant or has a medical condition. Do note that medical certificates have a 10-day validity period upon issuance.

Keeping in mind that airlines, including AirAsia, reserve the right to refuse carriage to any passenger who has not complied with, or whose documents do not appear to comply with, such applicable laws, regulations, and requirements.

Your carry-on should also include a small 7-kilogram bag that fits under the seat in front of you. This is where you’ll keep your in-flight entertainment and essentials such as electronics, gadgets, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Worry not about your inflight food as Santan offers a wide variety of halal certified rice meals, pasta, snacks, coffee and other beverages that will keep your stomachs and hearts full.

While packing, you might be tempted to bring along a few extras “just in case.” Some certain items are a no-go such as sharp objects, flammable materials, and large electronic devices like hoverboards are strictly off-limits in your carry-on.

If any medical equipment on board such as a portable oxygen concentrator or any mobility device (including battery powered mobility device) is required during your trip, make sure it follows the allowable limit. Guests are also advised to inform AirAsia at least 48 hours prior to your departure to ensure adequate special assistance is provided.

Most leisure travels are made with a group of friends. While AirAsia encourages you to explore and have fun, alcoholic beverages are not permitted either check-in or hand carry unless purchased via duty-free shops, subject to varying airport regulations.

To facilitate a smoother check-in flow, guests may now self check-in 14 days ahead of their scheduled departure time via AirAsia MOVE app. This feature is designed for business travelers and those who are frequently on the go, maximizing time and overall airport experience.


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