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2 aliens arrested for overstaying, working without visa

BUREAU of Immigration (BI) operatives in Mindanao reported the arrest of two illegal aliens caught overstaying and working without a proper visa.

In a report to BI Commissioner Jaime Morente, BI Intelligence Division Chief Fortunato Manahan, Jr. detailed the arrest of Yuehui Li, 54, in Purok 2 Mangga, New Visayas, Panabo City and Jianren Zhao, 55, in Bingcungan, Tagum City.

According to Manahan’s report, Mindanao Intelligence Task Group (MITG) head Melody Gonzales effected the arrest of the two aliens, who were subjects of a Mission order issued by Morente.

BI records reveal that apart from reportedly working in the country illegally, Yuehui has also been overstaying for two years.

During the course of the operations against Yuehui, Gonzales reported that a Filipina who presented herself as Yuehui’s translator attempted to intervene with the arrest. She reportedly aided in the attempted escape of the Chinese national, prompting the MITG to seek assistance of the Philippine National Police to investigate the translator. Eventually, the Filipina admitted the deceit and disclosed Yuehui’s location.

Gonzales said that they will be pursuing a case against the said translator for coddling an illegal alien and for obstruction of justice.

On the other hand, Jianren was found to be manning the hardware. Upon verification of his documents, he was also found to be overstaying for three months.

Morente commended the arrest and warned coddlers of illegal aliens. “Those who harbor illegal aliens commit a violation of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940,” said Morente. “Let this incident serve as a warning, if you are aware of illegal aliens in your area, immediately report them to the Bureau,” he stated.

The duo will temporarily be held at the BI’s holding facility in Davao pending their deportation. (Baby Cuevas)

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