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Peoples Online Tonight is legit and duly-registered, so is the story ‘More Filipinos trust Mayor Isko than Marcos, Jr. — SWS.’

A tabloid, I was told, baselessly branded our news portal “fake and even accused us of coming out with “fake news” titled “More Filipinos trust Mayor Isko than Marcos, Jr. — SWS.”

Excuse, me. In the first place, I will not lend my name and credibility to this news outlet if it is indeed, fake.

For the information of our dear readers and followers and even of our accusers, when I was invited to write a column here, I immediately asked our legal department to check on the legitimacy of this online news portal.

Our staff came back with information and documentation that People’s Tonight Online is a corporation that is duly-registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and that in fact, it is the only registered company there, bearing said name.

Our news portal is therefore legitimate and legally existing. Can our accusers say the same for themselves?

I would have let it slide but it haphazardly accused us further of carrying a “fake” story, specifying the one titled “More Filipinos trust Mayor Isko than Marcos, Jr. — SWS.”

Once again, excuse me.

The said story was based on a pre-election poll made by Social Weather Stations (SWS) January 28-31, 2022, showing that Mayor Isko enjoyed an overall net trust rating of 57 percent, as compared to Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. who got only 46 percent.

According to the said SWS survey, 70 percent of respondents has much trust in Mayor Isko while16 percent were undecided and only 13 percent said they have little trust on him.

On the other hand, the poll showed that only 46 percent has much trust in Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., with 17 percent of respondents being undecided, and 18 percent said they have little trust on Marcos Jr.

Along with us, the same story was carried by the Manila Bulletin and Daily Tribune, among others. So, is the said tabloid also accusing these two reputable broadsheets of using “fake news”?

I dare them say so.

Instead of engaging in rumor-mongering and libelous remarks, those behind the said tabloid better redirect their efforts to the plight of their former and current employees who have sought the help of our free legal assistance team regarding their unremitted SSS contributions and unpaid 13th month pay for several years now.

They also claim that their salaries are delayed by half a year, at the very least.

The aggrieved employes, some of whom also claim to have not gotten their retirement pay until now, say that since they cannot get anything from the office, specially with the ongoing pandemic, they tried to secure a loan from the SSS.

However, they were rejected due to their unpaid contributions for many years already.

These benefits are mandated by laws and violating these laws carries a penalty of either fine or imprisonment or both.

Now this, definitely, is not fake news.

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