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WITH the local campaigning in the entire country having begun, I can state with confidence that in Manila, the fight is certainly over.

The tandem of Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna and Rep. Yul Servo is the best that Manilans can place their trust on to lead their city in the next three years, at the very least.

VM Honey has proven to one and all that being a woman is never a disadvantage when it comes to providing public service and the residents of Manila saw to that.

With all the problems that go with her tasks, VM Honey never faltered. She not only is the Vice Mayor who regularly attends meetings with the mayor and helps implement all the city programs.

She is also the head of the Manila City Council which is composed of 38 City Councilors. And take note. Majority of these City Councilors are men and yet, she was able to steer it the Manila City Council to greater heights, specially as a very effective partner of the city executive in governance.

VM Lacuna is also head of the city’s health cluster, handling the six hospitals which are owned and operated by the local government, from District 1 to 6. The Manila Health Department also falls under her supervision.

Mayor Isko Moreno utilized to the fullest her being a medial practitioner and thus constantly commends her efforts that helped him succeed in all the actions he had taken from the onset of the pandemic up until now.

So effective was their partnership as a working tandem that he took in another doctor, this time as his runningmate while seeking the presidency, in the person of Doc Willie Ong.

The mayor saw in VM Honey the kind of dedication that the city and its people deserve.

Her father, the former Vice Mayor Danny Lacuna, happens to be my best buddy. As such, I saw first-hand how VM Honey struggled to become the kind of public servant that she is today.

Personally, I can truly vouch for her integrity, hard work and honesty when it comes to her work, which she takes very, very seriously.

She definitely deserves to be the next mayor and the city of Manila and its people also deserve her and the kind of service that only she can offer.

Mayor Isko knows this which is why he sought higher office, confident that he would be leaving Manila in such good hands.


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